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By: Samantha Neary

One effective way to foster personal connections is to hit someone’s hot button, the switch in their head that identifies a good opportunity. When I heard this at IABC Leadership Institute in Long Beach, California this past February it really resonated because, as Vice-President of Membership for IABC Golden Horseshoe, I want to know our members better.

In a full morning workshop, Leadership strategist Cynthia D’Amour, MBA, really drove home the concept that, as humans, there’s always reason behind action and joining professional associations is no exception. All members have joined for a reason but deciphering the ‘why’ is crucial. Understanding someone’s hot button is important for both board and chapter members.

Hot buttons identify opportunities to learn, help or meet:

  • Learn: Taking your career to the next level through personal or professional development
  • Help: Contributing to the greater good e.g. mentorship, volunteering
  • Meet: Expanding your network through industries, communities or common interests

This concept can be further extrapolated and applied to our day jobs when fostering relationships with colleagues or identifying audiences. Recognizing hot buttons allows us to connect with our peers on a personal level which leads to the ultimate goal: value. Without our members finding value in all our chapter has to offer, similar to employees lacking value in their organization, there is no draw.

Missing the mark when welcoming new members to your chapter is crucial. Did you know it takes five positive connections with a prospective member to encourage them to join the chapter or return to events? This could mean five interactions with board members introducing themselves or through connecting with like-minded professionals at an event.

My aim is to connect deeper with our members as well as my peers serving on the board. I want to know what brought you to an event, why you believe in the value of IABC-GH and what your hot button is.

Are you looking for career development or to expand your network? Can you add value to the chapter through mentoring a young professional? Do you want to connect with peers in the Corporate Communications industry to foster meaningful conversation? Any or all of these may apply and I’m excited to connect with you!

Samantha Neary

Vice-President, Membership

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