Thinking of joining? Membership in IABC offers significant benefits at the local and international level.

Local Benefits

Professional Development Events: Attend professional development sessions, including keynotes, workshops and case studies featuring expert speakers hosted throughout the year

Networking: Connecting with other communicators from around the Golden Horseshoe region is one of the primary benefits of IABC membership.

JobLine: Access the hidden job market and discover your next career opportunity.

International Benefits

Check out for all the benefits and resources!

Exclusive Content: As a member, you’ll have access Communications World (CW), IABC’s monthly digilal magazine, as well as a collection of thousands of articles, case studies, podcasts, videos, peer-reviewed research and fresh insights at your fingertips.

IABC World conference: A multi-day event held annually to provide an opportunity for IABC members and non-members alike to learn from experts in a multitude of communication areas, while also networking with colleagues who attend from around the world.

IABC Academy: By partnering with known experts in specific fields, The IABC Academy offers webinars, online workshops and face-to- face training that help you stay current on topics that are important for professional and personal growth.

GCCC Certification: The current Communication Management Professional (CMP) certification corresponds to the Generalist/Specialist career level as outlined in the IABC Career Road Map. Future levels will be developed on a timely basis. IABC members receive significant discounts on all certification application fees.

IABC Job Centre: Discover your next career opportunity through IABC’s online Job Centre. Search by keyword, location, or job type and find hundreds of communication jobs at all levels of experience.

Awards Programs: IABC offers the opportunity for members to receive official recognition of their competence as business communicators and dedication to the profession…a valuable addition to any resume or C.V. Entry and/or application fees are offered at a significant discount to IABC members.